Recognising over 140 years of service! 

It was a wonderful way to finish 2022, bringing together all our staff, volunteers and committee members to celebrate the end of a challenging year together! We celebrated with lots of delicious food from Dial & Graze and from A1 Bakery and fun games facilitated by our teachers, Sheryl and Joyce, cajoled into participation by our wonderful party MC, student Rita! 

The committee of management decided it was long overdue in recognising the incredible years of service of so many of our team. Heading the field is Silvana nearing 27 years at the centre – pretty much running the place as our extraordinary Administration Coordinator; followed by Carmela with 24 years experience teaching English; Cathy 19 years of much loved childcare; Joyce with nearly 16 years running the after school tutoring program; Shruti teaching computers for over 15 years;  Paula teaching and providing admin support for 14 years; Rouda assisting Cathy in Childcare for 12 years and Sandra keeping the books in order for 11 years! Sheryl has been with the teaching team for nearly 8 years! Meredith, Mahe and Pauline brought up the rear with between 6-18 months of service. 

What an incredible effort! It was so lovely of the chair of the committee, Rosa, to present Christmas Hampers, Certificates and vouchers for each of the long standing team members! Meredith thanked everyone with jars from her new culinary skill – eggplant or zucchini preserves using the method she learnt from Maria who led our Learning from Nonna program with Mill Park Secondary students! What a great way to finish the year.