Gina has attended Lalor Living and Learning centre for (quite some time) and has already completed a couple of our computer courses. She has come back to complete another computer course as she feels her generation didn’t have the opportunity to grasp onto technology. Gina “didn’t want to get left behind” and wants to develop her own knowledge and skills for the future.

Gina has learnt basic digital skills in her computer course such as filing system, formatting, Microsoft word, and even timetabling for her hair salon business. This is a great step for her as Gina wants to be more organised in her business. Attending weekly means Gina can implement these new skills in her everyday life and feels more independent because she can ask questions each week and no longer has to rely on others to help her.

Gina believes this computer course helped in her working life at the hair salon because it “allows me to connect my phone to the computer to get a better following for my hair salon”. This is great for Gina because she wants to push herself to learn PowerPoint to boost her salon to her community.

See Gina talk about her experience: