One of the great new initiatives for 2023 is our Fundraising Committee! Chaired by Alita D’Souza and supported by Renjith Thomas and Zaheda Dayoub, the committee is doing a fabulous job of generating lots of fun and creative ways to raise funds for the centre. Alita has tirelessly approached a huge number of businesses for sponsorship with great results! Renjith has some lovely kids activities planned and Zaheda has collected new, unused gifts for resale at the centre. 

So far, we’d like to thank Bunnings for their contribution to our community garden efforts and for our Intergenerational Afterschool event planned for June, and as well as vouchers and generous donations from to Costco, Coles, the Discount Drug Store, QBD books, Spotlight and Casa Da Abruzzo. We also won a grant from the local Commonwealth Bank after the bank customers voted to support our programs! Lots more planned, all of it lots of fun! So thank you in anticipation as well!