We had a lovely visit from Andrew Giles, the Federal Member for Scullin and Minister for Immigration last Thursday. It was a wonderful afternoon where members of our Italian Social group, LLLC committee members and our tertiary students were all able to join with Andrew to discuss the needs of the local community.  We also shared our vision for an arts and permaculture precinct between our centre and the Lalor Library.  We were all so excited by the visit, including showing Andrew some of the ways that we are making fabulous use of the community grant we received through his office earlier this year, that we forgot to take a photo! So here, instead, are photos of some of the purchases we have made so far, through our LALOR REFRESH grant. The funds are helping us to upgrade our Childcare outdoor areas, upgrade some of our computers, purchase a coffee machine for our various social groups and to begin plans to transform our front garden and entrance with murals and raised garden beds.