The Neighbourhood House network is supporting the Yes vote for the Voice Referendum. Their statement succinctly outlines why. If you also support the Yes vote and would like a corflute Yes Poster to install at your home or business, you can collect one from LNH anytime from Monday to Thursday 9-4pm. 

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria supports the Voice to Parliament

The Uluru Statement from the Heart invites us to walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on the journey to a better Australia. Neighbourhood Houses were started by women for the economic empowerment and safety of women. We are now a sector of more than 400 organisations at the heart of their communities, including eight Aboriginal-owned community organisations.

We have assisted every new wave of migrant to integrate; supported farming community through drought; helped communities respond and rebuild from fire and flood. We acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are one of the oldest, ongoing, living cultures who have adapted and honoured country, and are still here today. We believe communities thrive when they control their own destiny. We believe every community member has the right to be heard, and that people flourish when they have the autonomy and resources to reach their full potential. The Uluru Statement makes this urgent request: to take action through Voice, Treaty and Truth. In response, Neighbourhood Houses will do what we always do: actively listen, learn with an open heart, organise and act, while taking the lead from First Nations people. We heed the call of the Uluru Statement for a ‘fair and truthful relationship with the people of Australia and a hopeful future for [all] children’ where Aboriginal and First Nations people are honoured and respected. In this way healing can continue for everyone and we can all move forward together.

We support the Voice to Parliament and encourage all Neighbourhood Houses to walk with Indigenous communities on the journey to Treaty and Truth.

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