Tailored Computer courses for every level & ability

I recently heard the story of a woman who had been too scared to join a computer course because she was such a beginner. But when she saw a course called Computers for the Terrified, she thought – that is the course for me! Now you may not be terrified (And we don’t have a course called that…) but what ever your level of ability, we have the course for you! We can offer you courses from Digital Essentials that will get you online and managing those awful online government forms with ease; while face-timing your loved ones; to learning computer basics or intermediate skills to use a range of software packages. We can even offer tailored courses to meet your individual needs. So why not give us a call via the contact details below. 

Lalor Living & Learning Centre has a dedicated classroom for courses and activities in information technology, digital media and basic computing. If you want to learn how to use your new computer or device, we may be able to help you with access to our facilities or with a short course.

Contact our office to learn more about:

  • Digital Essentials – learn how to use a smartphone; manage online forms, use emails and so much more. Click here for more
  • Welcome to Computers – for more information click Welcome Computers 
  • Intermediate Computers – Word Processing – For more information click Intermediate Computers
  • Computers for the Workplace
  • Internet for the Workplace
  • Zoom communication and connection
  • Using Internet Devices
  • Internet & Social Media
  • Evening classes available if enough students interested

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